Sunday, March 31, 2013

Returning to the Barre

Yesterday was the first day I went back to my barre class in a long long time. And I gotta say, today I am feeling it. You know when you workout your muscles enough that everything hurts the day after? It's that kinda day for my abs and my triceps.

Such a good kind of pain!

So if you've never heard of barre before...I'll explain it! It's seriously one of my favorite workouts ever since I discovered it two Octobers ago...I shouldn't have taken off so much time from it. *Cough* I really have been slacking on my workouts since my deviated septum surgery last August *Cough*. I'm just happy I went again :)

The whole idea behind it is to target your muscles in small controlled isometric music. You work your arms, your thighs, your seat, and then your abs. You do them each in small segments and then you stretch out after, with the goal of giving you long sexy muscles. It'll get you sweating :)

I took ballet when I was younger and barre definitely appeals to that part of me - you use the barre, but no tutu. Did I mention the music is awesome? Each instructor makes up their own playlists from the latest music...and I totally have found some of my favorite workout songs from the classes.

I could probably go on and on about it, because I love it. It's the only time I've really felt my abs and triceps go what the heck did you do to me, and I've noticed huge changes in my body from it. There's something about making your thighs shake that seems both terrifying and amazing at the same time.

At any abs and my triceps hurt today. But it's a great kind of pain :)

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