Thursday, March 21, 2013


If it wasn't obvious from my race schedule, I like to travel! Hence the explore part of my blog title too :)

So I made it my goal this year to lose the weight I put on after hurting my knee 2 years ago. As a reward, I want to travel to somewhere tropical: Austrailia, Fiji, Bali, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, etc. Why somewhere tropical you ask? Well, I'm a super self conscious person and a slight perfectionist (ok, maybe I underestimate a bit) - I've actually never worn a bikini in my life. And so that is my goal for this year!

                                    A Reminder of My Goal - Fiji Hilton (Seriously how cool is this?)

I've got other places on my list of course to see too! I'd really like to travel to each of the continents (except for Antarctica I think, it's a little too cold for me) before I'm 30....I've got a year and about 9 months still. Totally doable! Especially I went to Europe already =)

It's one of my goals in life to get to travel all over the world. I'd like to travel abroad at least once a year just so I can see everything I want to see...


  1. Pretty much one of my main goals in life is to travel as much as I can! One reason I love running, it gives you an excuse to go somewhere new :)