Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Diet Coke Addiction

I have an addiction to Diet Coke....seriously, not kidding. It's pretty bad too. Growing up, Diet Coke has always been in my house. It tends to be my go to drink. Water? Naw. Milk? Not really. Diet Coke? Oh yes! My family (mostly my father) drinks Diet Coke like it's water. In all honesty, I have jokingly said that my blood is made out of Diet Coke.I've considered using Diet Coke during half marathon training before.

In fact, there was a conversation with my college boyfriend and very good friend NW that went down something like this when he wanted me to quit drinking coffee (I worked as a barista for 2.5 years in college).

Me: You can pick either coffee or Diet Coke for me to be addicted to
NW: I'd rather you not be addicted to either
Me: have to pick one, mister Mountain Dew. So pick one, cause I'll be addicted to one...

I've had guys that I was dating before come and pick me up with a bouquet of flowers and a Diet Coke....I wish I was kidding.

I've never been into any of the other sodas. Diet Pepsi is gross to me. Everything else too much sugar. I'll drink 3 20ozs at work, then go home and drink more...this is a problem.Especially since there's all the studies and proof behind Diet Coke that Shudders! I'll have to share them.

So as part of my losing weight, I'm trying to cut out the Diet Coke for once and for all. I've done it before, but it always comes back. Especially given my family's history with diabetes, it's better for me to cut the Diet Coke out. My awesome nutritionist has told me again and again that I gotta quit the Diet Coke. Break up with the Diet Coke. Divorce the Diet Coke. Etc Etc.

So yeah.....this is to help me with quitting the Diet Coke. I need accountability. No more Diet Coke. 


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