Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts & Prayers for Boston

Given the news today, it only seems right to use this area to express how scared and torn I am now. It's scary how short life is and how quickly something can change. The finish line is that place where you celebrate your achievement - I have never forgotten crossing my first marathon finish line. Regardless of how many races I've done, there is a magic at that line that I haven't felt anywhere else. And the other runners are people who I cheer "Go Team", wave, hi five, and share stories of chafing with. After a race, you can always tell who ran...we're always the ones limping but smiling. And you can always start a conversation with us the day of or after a race, whether in an elevator or an airport, by spotting our limps or seeing our shirts. There is nothing like going into an airport and seeing all the race shirts to make you realize how far people running brings people together.

 I will continue to run and never forgot how blessed I am each day to be able to run.

Coach Bonnie Brooks & I at the celebration party after my first marathon

Finish line of my first marathon