Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a New Year!

I'm not very good at posting often, but I'll try to start changing that this year :)

I've got a couple of different resolutions (not going to post all of them on here), but I will post some of the big ones. Without further adieu:

  • Give up Diet Coke
  • Get back to a healthy, happy weight for me
  • Workout more regularly
  • Get my half marathon & full marathon speeds up - new PRs for both! 
  • Do another sprint triathlon 
  • Save up more money!
In other news....I'm doing a detox diet right now through my awesome nutritionist Ashley. She's amazing. The whole idea behind it is to clean out your system of bad foods and reboot your liver. Also - it serves as a basis for seeing what you're allergic to for food (oh how I need to figure out my allergies!) In the detox, you eliminate caffeine, gluten, refined sugars, chocolate, eggs, and milk.Eliminating the caffeine hasn't been that bad - I'm just drinking tons of water. The chocolate on the other hand....all I want is chocolate!

The fun part about it has been getting to try out recipes :) Yay cooking! I love to cook.  The newest recipe I tried this week (always great recipes on this blog)
Now this is an autumn salad. Once the temperature dips down into that familiar chill, it becomes harder and harder to handle a salad as chilly. Raw vegetables, cool and crisp and lovely just one...

Tomorrow, I plan to make this smoothie by Green Plate Rule (I seriously love her blog!)
 Blueberry Almond Smoothie