Saturday, November 3, 2012

No More Slacking

I've been slacking off a bit on updating this a few things to update ;)

1. I wound up not doing the Seattle to Portland bike ride since both my friend and I didn't do too hot at training for it (and there wound up being higher priorities in the form of meat, meat, and more meat that weekend).  My goal is to do it next year.

2. I did do the Eugene Marathon- I beat my old marathon PR too by 30 minutes! :)

3. I did the Seattle Rock N Roll Half....I slowed down a bit and wound up off pace....and then I got discouraged and didn't push myself. So, no new half PR for me at that.

Apart from the races that I had previously been planning to do, it's been a busy year.

1. I got surgery done in August on my deviated septum. I can't begin to tell you how much easier it is to breathe now or how much it's helped. And I'm told it'll be 6 months for full impact!!! YAY!

2. I had to take off a month from exercise after it....and I've kind of been slacking off a lot since....and by kind of, I mean A LOT.

3. I did start playing soccer again after being cleared by the doctor....up until 2 weekends ago, the most I was running was at soccer.

4. I did the Dawg Dash 5K at University of Washington 2 weekends ago. Despite not running for awhile, I was able to get close to my old PR without pushing myself too hard. The problem was that I was sore after it for 3

So now I'm signed up for a few races....looking at signing up for a few more. :) And I'm working on my diet again, so I'll posting more about that too :)

In the meantime - hope everyone's doing well!