Monday, March 18, 2013

Working Out of My Rut

So...I've been a little bit lazy lately in regard to running, working out, etc...the combination of allergies, rain, and being depressed is really knocking me out. I need some Vitamin C and Vitamin D!

With that being said...I have quite the race schedule coming up and so I need to start kicking my butt. Motivation city! (And yes...I may have lost my mind)

4/28 - Nike Women's Half in Washington DC
5/19 - Rock N Roll Portland Half
6/22 - Rock N Roll Seattle Half
7/13- 7/15 - Seattle to Portland Bike Ride
8/31 to 9/1 - Dumbo Double Dare Challenge (10K on Saturday, Half on Sunday)
9/22 - Air Force Marathon
10/13 - Chicago Marathon

And if my third shot at the lottery actually goes through....

11/3 - NYC Marathon

Did I mention that it was quite the race schedule? I'm also debating on adding a sprint triathlon or two.

So yeah....I need to hit the gym. And it's been a little hard because of not wanting to get out of bed/ sleep the day away. I'm at a much better point than I was a year ago, but it's still a battle. My Stay Positive group is helping a lot....I'll share one of my favorite quotes that I shared with them. (I have a decent sized collection of these quotes because I love them).

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